3.09 collective
The 3.09 design collective is a result of our experiences as a culturally and geographically migratory global citizens. It is because of our lived experiences negotiating cultural identity, in an increasingly globalised world, that we aim to facilitate positive social change in the city using design and driving dialogue. We are global, diverse and engaged and our members are currently based in the UK, Canada, Egypt and the Netherlands.
Ateneo-LSE Netherlands
The Ateneo-LSE is a volunteer-run programme focusing on leadership, financial literacy, and social entrepreneurship. With the support of the Philippine embassy, every year they organise a twelve-week course in a different location in the Netherlands, having held these in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague, with institutional partners such as the ISS, Wereldhuis, or IOM Netherlands. Since 2013, 120 students from all over the Netherlands have graduated from these courses.
Bayanihan Foundation
We are a self-help women’s organization that aims to advance the participation, integration and emancipation of Filipinas in The Netherlands through empowerment. Bayanihan Foundation works across four different areas: to provide advice and assistance, e.g. guidance and counselling to victims of domestic violence; to network and advocate for the welfare of Filipina women, by lobbying the Dutch government, the Philippine Embassy and the Philippine government; to carry out research and disseminate information on social issues concerning Filipinas in The Netherlands; to deliver empowerment programmes and workshops.
Convention on domestic workers
Convention 189 is campaign to raise awareness of the work conditions of migrant domestic workers. Campaigning to increase the visibility of migrant domestic workers and to remind people that they are already here and working but that their rights are not recognised, this campaign is part of the worldwide movement for the adoption of Convention 189, which sets labour standards for domestic workers, and seeks to have their work formally recognized and regulated as a form of labour like any other.
FILMIS stands for Filipino Migrants in Solidarity. This organisation has been active in organizing different events that promote the Filipino culture, the right to education, and the human rights of Filipino migrants in the Netherlands.

FILMIS believes human beings are gifted creatures with natural inclination to express their human creativity leading to self-satisfaction and happiness. On this basis, we aim to encourage our members to discover their individual natural talent and develop and use it as a means to benefit them and their fellows.

FILMIS works to support the Filipino community with advice, accompanying, rights, and education.
Business Incubator SeedZ is a collective business incubator. We strive for an inclusive labor market that offers people with a migrant background sufficient opportunities to update their knowledge and skills and convert them into economic and social capital that benefits society as a whole and gives them the chance to live a dignified life.

BI-SeedZ offers logistical support, facilities, skills training, peer coaching and a professional network.
Fuelled by the will and passion of the Igorots in the Netherlands (i.e. the indigenous people from the Philippine Cordillera Region), MABIKAs Foundation is a nonprofit organization that aims to help eradicate prejudice against indigenous people by utilizing the power of information. The journey towards that vision is characterized by the group’s bold statement, saying NO to prejudice and YES to understanding, NO to ignorance and YES to wisdom, NO to competition and YES to collaboration. Through and knowledge and skills we can help ourselves and other indigenous groups not only to survive and but to make a positive impact in the society we live in.
M&Z catering
Sometimes with a little help from her family, Maryam makes the most delicious Iranian dishes, including many different types of special Persian rice — a must-try for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. Maryam can cater for small and large events.

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Mensen van overal
Founded by a group of Syrian refugees, Mensen van overal aims to bring people together, not on the basis of nationality, but to build bridges and create social exchange. They provide social assistance and advice, raise awareness campaigns, and promote peaceful relations among all.
Media Correspondents Volunteer Organisation.

MCVO is a volunteer-run worldwide network of solidarity, connecting people from different professions to enable the overseas Filipino community to access services and help one another. They fundraise for causes at home, organise awareness campaigns, and make news broadcasts and media. The Hague chapter broadcast a live tv show once a week.
The Hangout 070
Do you ever think about things like sexuality, gender identity, love and relationships? Then The Hang-Out 070 is for you! With us you can be who you are and meet others who are totally different or exactly like you.

The Hang-Out 070 is a place where young people come together because they are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer, or because they have friends that are, or because they think about these topics. So you do not have to know for sure in which box you will fit to come to The Hang-Out. Maybe you do not want a box at all, that is absolutely fine!

In a setting where people of all ages and backgrounds feel at home, at Hangout 070, LGBTQ people can also program activities for others. The events usually have an LGBTQ + touch, but can also be about other topics. In The Hang-Out 070 we do not assume that you are straight, as in most other environments. That is the difference, and that is why many young people like to come.

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Structo Magazine
Structo is a literary magazine. It was founded in 2008, and is nominally UK-based, although its the staff are also scattered across the Netherlands, the United States, and elsewhere in Europe. A print issue is produced twice a year, containing remarkable new short stories and poetry from all around the world, alongside essays and interviews with authors and others. 

Writing comes from established authors and new voices and features both original works in English as well as in translation. Recent interviews include Margaret Atwood, Ken Liu and the former poet laureate of North Korea Jang Jin-sung. Structo is completely independent, not-for-profit and carries no advertising. Each member of the team volunteers their time and expertise.
Rainbow Den Haag
Rainbow Den Haag is committed to the acceptance of sexual diversity within The Hague migrant groups. The Hague is a city of many cultures. More than half of the population has an immigrant background. Within many of these cultures, having a different sexual orientation than heterosexual is a huge taboo. Religion often plays an important role. The result is that people with a different sexual orientation, cannot live their live according to their feelings. Through its LGBT refugees project, Rainbow Den Haag organises regular meetings where visitors can meet in a secure environment, share experiences, and dance. Guest speakers are invited to give information about topics that are useful to refugees.
Vrouwen Plaza
A network from The Hague that seeks to promote women’s democratic participation. They take part in cultural events, such as the recent day of celebration of the centenary of women’s right to vote, and act as a watchdog for women’s rights in The Netherlands.
Youki Verloo
Youki has worked in areas of fashion including kids clothing design, costume, knitwear, pattern making and product development. For a while she also worked in factories, as product controller in India.

Working in the industry allowed her to experience first-hand the human and ecological impact of the fashion industry. Seeking more sustainable and ethical ways, she developed an interest in circular fashion, and with her new project, The Namat Collection, she hopes to exemplify a new way for fashion, with items made by hand from surplus materials. Her recent research trips to Morocco have focused on learning and adapting traditional weaving techniques for the production of garments made from recycled materials. Youki is now working to set up a social enterprise based on this idea. In the coming months, Youki will bring the ideas from Morocco to The Netherlands through a series of workshops as a way to start building a DIY-community for crafted fashion.